The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

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"I just received the eyelashes and they are great! I love them, it looks amazing on my car. Thank you so much!   Milkie .. USA"


Black eyelashes on a Nissan

Thanks so much for the fantastic customer service, I'll be sure to pass your website on to everyone I know.  Jane UK

Just clean the surface you intend to fit them to, peel off the backing tape and stick them on....

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These are the very best eyelashes for cars in the world

Pre curved and injection moulded to last for years

Available in Pink, Black, White, Gold and Silver.

Eyelashes for Cars are a growing trend with girls and your would be suprised at how many guys, all over the world.


Whatever your personality, having these amazing car eyelashes on your headlights will make heads  turn wherever you go. People will be pointing, other cars will be honking and children smiling everywhere you go. Available in 5 colours of Black, White or Pink, Gold and now Silver   -   these car-lashes for your car are absolutely amazing.  Available online from our shop here. The  design is standard and will fit most headlights.     To fit them is so simple – all you do is open the hood and peel off the double sided tape and stick them to your headlight rims. (everything you need to fit them is included in the pack).    We are also linked up with Facebook More information can be found on the Eyelashes for cars review blog here.


Car eyelashes for everyone? Well, from what we can see in the USA and the UK they seem to be accepted extreemley well. As they fit nearly all car headlights and even the pop up lights can have them attached to the edge that pops up. If fixing to pop up headlights it would be advisable to ask for the double sided 3m tape to be sent separately as the eyelashes  for cars may need to be affixed in a slightly different way. If your car has unusual headlights, it would be a good idea to ask us about them first and better still send us a picture of your cars lights so we can see and then explain the best option for sticking them on.

However, 99% of the time the lashes can be fitted around the top edge of your headlights without and problems. So please understand that the car eyelashes are a standard size and don't be fooled, there are no such thing as special car lashes for specific cars. The eyelashes are the same for all cars and if necessary can be cut to fit.

"My eyelashes just arrived

and they are so beautiful.

Runa  -  Denmark"

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Saving the children is something that we are passionate about and support Destiny Garden School in Mombasa, Kenya.  The charity was formed in 2009 and helps under priviliged children in the area with education and shelter. Over the last couple of years there have been many projects created to raise funds to keep the school going and Eyelashes for Cars (Europe) came aboard as a sponsor in early 2012. In 2013 we personally raised over $1000 for the children and have a special page dedicated to the work that the registered charity does on this website. You can check it out here and also if you choose, can make a small donation by clicking on the donate by paypal button.

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Easy to fit

Eyelashes on cars make people smile

F A Q 's  Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get car eyelashes to fit my make and model of car? All our car eyelashes are a universal size and fit almost every car on the planet. They can also be trimmed if you have extra small lights and you can order an extra lash if your headlights are extra long (like the some Toyotas and Ford Mondeo’s) Some companies would have you believe that there are different eyelashes to fit different cars.. That is not true, all eyelashes are the same shape and size no matter what car you drive. The only difference would be the way you attach them to your car. Some cars look better with the lashes attached to the underside of the hood, or you may have pop up headlights like a Pontiac or round headlights like a mini or Fiat 500.


Will they bend back and damage the paintwork on my car? Not ours.. because Eyelashes for cars are pre curved and moulded to shape. They do not bend back even at very high speed. HOWEVER: Virtually all the cheap car lashes available all over the internet do bend back and often fly off etc.


Can I transfer them to another car / automobile? Yes, all you need to do is order some extra double sided tape. The tape is specially formulated by 3m to adhere to the polypropylene car eyelashes and the glass headlights or bodywork.


Can I use a car wash? Yes you can go through any manual car wash as they are very strongly attached but we do not advise going through any mechanical car wash with the big brushes as the rotation of the brushes could quite easily rip them off.


Are Eyelashes for cars the same as Carlashes? Absolutely not. Eyelashes for cars are totally different in quality and design. Carlashes are plain (and manufactured in China)  where as Eyelashes for cars are made in the UK with the best quality materials and have a much more stylish design with ridges to strengthen them at speed. Is an Iphone the same as a Samsung? Is an Aston Martin the same as a Jaguar? They may look similar but have very subtle differences in design.

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Hello, I recently bought eyelashes for my car and everyone loves them. I get pictures, laughs and stares on every street. They are so spectacular.

From R. W. Atlanta GA

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