The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

We now stock the very best and most innovative design of Eyelashes for cars with extra strong ridges along the lashes that strengthen and stop them bending back on motorways or driving fast against the wind.


They look beautiful and as they are injection molded they stay curved and last for years. Genuine Eyelashes for cars last for a long long time and still look like new even after 18 months...


These car eyelashes can easily be removed and transferred to your new car...  All you need is the extra double sided attachment tape.





We accept returns of any UNUSED eyelashes for cars and eyeliner (purchased from us) within 30 days, for a full refund less shipping costs. We will process your request and refund  you within a week of us receiving the car eyelashes with the tape unused.


If you need to return a product, simply contact us via email here with your name, email address, telephone number and the order number or paypal transaction id of what you wish to return. We will reply with the address for your countries returns and the refund amount less postage costs. Postage both ways does not qualify for any refund.... Only the unused product at the retail price.


Please note: Car eyelashes that come off while driving are due to whoever attached the lashes to the car and are not covered by this guarantee.  By Reading and following the instructions carefully - you will not have any issues.

See the videos for more details.

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We have a gallery above for our customers to showcase their cars with eyelashes on and a Facebook group page where you can interact with other users from all over the world.


Just click the link above to visit the facebook page, there are loads of pictures and comments on there and if you would like to send us your picture with eyelashes on your car, you can upload it to the facebook page or use the contact us page or send it to us via email here.


The variation of cars with the carlashes attached is virtually unlimited and even cars that have weird shaped headlights or flush lights that have no edges to attach the lashes to, seem to be able to have a work around solution.


So who buys car eyelashes? We would say that the majority are purchased by fashion trendy women and guys mainly buy them as unusual gifts or presents for their girlfriends.


One of our customers even claimed that she is now saving a fortune on her gas !

So we asked her -: How do you save petrol by putting eyelashes on your car?

"Easy....  since I put the car eyelashes on my car, my son and husband have stopped borrowing my car and it saves me loads of money. Less gas = less outlay."


We are also seeking distributors and resellers to sell eyelashes for cars from their own outlets, shops, online stores or independent websites. We have special wholesale rates and you can order as many or as few sets of car lashes as you feel comfortable with.


We have distributors in many countries but the market is so hugh that we need loads more helpers to bring the concept to the world. The US and UK markets are the largest but we now ship all over Europe and need resellers in Norway, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The Eastern Europeans are also catching on and we send to Russia, Croatia and Czech republic so need distributors in those countries too. Interested? email us


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Money Back Guarantee

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