The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World


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This is where we anounce any special offers and news on Car eyelashes.

By Anon , Nov 16 2014 01:31PM

Chrismas Special Offer isrunning until Dec 23rd 2014 so get your lashes ASAP and save some serious money. Buy two and get one free. Any color for the purchase and a BLACK set will be sent absolutly free in your order with no extra shipping charges. Depending on the colors ordered you could save over $20

The same applies to an Ultimate pack... Buy 1 ultimate pack and get a free set of lashes also.

By Anon , Jun 4 2014 05:53AM

We are now down to the last few sets of Glow in the Dark car eyelashes and you can still get a pair FREE. just go the SHOP and purchase ANY two sets of Eyelashes for cars in Black, Pink Gold, Silver or White and we send you FREE of charge a set of theGLOW IN THE DARK lashes.

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