The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

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We have email support but do not offer telephone support


There are two reasons we do not have any telephone support, the first is because we are an international company and people tend to call us at all hours because they do not know the time difference variations around the world. The second reason is because there are only a couple of questions people tend to ask us when they email. The main question is; What type of car eyelashes do I need for my car? and the answer is - ALL CAR EYELASHES ARE THE SAME SIZE. And if a company try to make you believe that there are different eyelashes sizes for different cars they are mis-leading you. The eyelashes for cars can bend around the headlights, they can be cut shorter or you can even order an extra set and make up some really long car lashes for certain types of cars.


You may also contact us via the Facebook group page... However, we do not monitor the facebook page as much as email so if you require a quick answer to your queerie, we suggest you email us and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.


Another question we are often asked is : Can I drive through a carwash with the car lashes on?

The simple answer is NOT if it has big rotating brushes. The brushes can very easily rip the car eyelashes from your car and then you would need to get some more double sided tape to be able

to re attach the eyelashes to your car.

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