The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

Car eyelashes

Fitting instructions

How to fit the lashes to your car..  SO THEY DO NOT COME OFF EASILY  



1… CLEAN the headlight rim or the paintwork where you intend to fit the lashes with the alcohol cleaning pad supplied. Then make sure the

       surface is now free from dirt and wax and is very DRY.


2… Apply the lash and PRESS DOWN FIRMLY – This activates the chemicals in the special 3M tape to create a very strong bond. (To remove

       the lashes easily – heat the tape and edge of the car lashes with a hairdryer first)


3… Try not to drive your car for at least 12 hours (overnight) or 48 hrs if possible.


Technical Information: The double side tape is very strong when applied correctly. By applying pressure to the tape… once applied… activates the bonding properties. Avoid finger contact with adhesive surface. At room temperature 50% of bond strength is achieved after 20 minutes and full strength is achieved after 72 hrs. This process will take longer in cold temperatures or outside in cold weather. This special 3m tape is very expensive and we have tested over 20 different tapes to find one that is strong enough to bond the “polypropylene eyelashes” to glass or the car body / paintwork. The tape is also available to purchase separately .


If you live in a very cold Country we would advise attaching the car eyelashes in a garage and preferably to leave the car in a garage overnight and even put a small heater in there for a good few hours to make sure the temperature is a bit more normal. The double sided tape is made with a special pressure bonding system so that when you press down onto the tape / eyelash, it activates the chemicals. Therefore if the weather is really cold and you try to attach the lashes, the bond will not work so well. After fitting them in the garage, it would be advisable to not drive the car for at least 24 hours so as to let the magical double sided tape work to the best of it's ability.


We always get emails asking us what eyelashes are needed to fit a certain car. Like I have a Pontiac or I have a Range Rover, what eyelashes do I need to fit around the headlights? The answer is the same every time. Eyelashes for cars are a one size fits all. You can cut them to fit if necessary but in most cases all you have to do is a) Clean the surface you intend to stick the lashes too and then b) peel off the backing strip of the double sided tape which is already attached to the car eyelashes and stick them on. Be careful though as the tape is incredibly sticky and if you make a mistake, you will have a hard time to peel off the lash and try to re attach. What you can do is line up the lashes first to make sure you know exactly where you intend to stick it down and then put them on.  It is also advisable to watch the video above on this page.


Fitting to Car Eyelashes to the underside of the hood (bonnet)


1. When ordering ask for the "TAPE" to be sent unattached.

2. Clean all surfaces where you intend to stick the tape thoroughly

3. Stick the tape to the underside of the hood and then apply the lashes

4. Press firmly to activate the bond and try to leave overnight before driving

Attaching to the underside of the hood

Just watch the simple 2 minute installation  video above