The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

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If you are interested in reselling or stocking Genuine Eyelashes for Cars and would like to set up a wholesale account with us then please email

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We have independent resellers and stockists of eyelashes for cars all over the world and you can easily become a reseller and purchase the car eyelashes wholesale rates direct from the website or by emailing us. The world is your oyster as they say because just think how many cars are out there in your own country... Now try to imagine how much income you could earn if you put together a marketing campaign or website and promoted it in your own country or even worldwide like we do.


All over the world and in every country you will find many many people that have never ever seen or heard about "eyelashes on cars" ! Even in the UK where we have been selling car lashes over the last 2 years.... we very rarely ever see them while driving around... yet we get orders everyday and ship them to over 50 countries worldwide... There are literally millions if not billions of cars out there and even if the majority of people don't want eyelashes on their ride... We can assure your there are still thousands if not millions of girls and guys that absolutely... LOVE the car eyelashes to bits and we get regular orders all the time from happy customers who are constantly recommending us to their friends.


The trend has not even started yet and there are many many companies selling various types of eyelashes for headlights and they have even been featured on Dragons Den in Canada! The fact is - they are a novel, very sexy and great way for individuals to bling up their car. The main thing to be aware of though is that there are only a couple of companies beside ourselves that supply the pre curved and long lasting Eyelashes for cars. We have seen all sorts of rubbish on the market and mostly the cheap lashes are coming out of China in the form of thin vinyl and very flat car lashes that you have to curl with two sticks or pencils and after a week driving around they look terrible. The reason is that with the heat from the car engine and especially in very hot countries the heat from the sun, simply makes then melt and droop down which makes your car look a real cheapy.


Don't take our word for it... go and do your own research and get yourself some samples from some of the cheap car lashes suppliers and see the rubbish quality for yourself. Go onto ebay and amazon and order a set of the lashes they are selling for $5 dollars and then contact us and we will send you a FREE sample of our lashes so you can compare.


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