The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

Save the Children

Children's charities are a great cause to donate to.


Children are generally incapable of completely taking care of themselves and therefore if they are suffering, they oftentimes don't have the means to change their situation. They can only rely on their parents / guardians. So, donating to charities for kids is a great way to help children who suffer from poverty, disease, starvation, and the like. In my opinion, these are one of the most qualified kinds of charities to donate to. Children need to be protected and taken care of, and for children in need this is doubly serious.


Donating to a Children's Charity


As we said, donating to a charity for children is a a great charitable cause to choose. Which children's charities should you donate to?

Well, that depends on what you want to support. There are children around the world are in need of food, medical assistance, clothing,

and shelter. In essence, many kids are in need of hope for a better future, and without our help,             they will never have the same opportunities as more fortunate children will have. You may want to donate specifically to charities that feed children, or charities that

clothe children.


Or, maybe you would like to donate to a charity that provides support

for all the needs of children.


Destiny Children is our current support project


You may visit their website here


You can also sponsor a child via their website

and donate from every sale of Eyelashes for cars to Children in need. If you feel passionate about this like we do ... maybe you would like to donate a little bit also.

We Support Childrens Charities...

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Dear Carlo


We were delighted to receive your donation of £52.00, PayPal details below, and no charge this time!  Thank you so much for

your continued support of  Destiny Garden School.  


This donation is a great  help and will go into the feeding programme fund.  As you are aware, many of the families of the children at the school struggle to make a living, and they sometimes find it very difficult to provide adequate food for their children; so the nutritious lunch which the school gives the children each day is hugely important, not only for their welfare, but also for their ability to learn effectively.  At present, our sponsorship programme cannot cover all the costs of the lunches, so we rely on kind donations such as yours in order to continue to provide this meal. The pound goes a long way in Kenya and a school lunch over there costs just over 6p and so your donation of £52 will provide all 420 children with a school lunch for 2 days.


Many Thanks