The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

The BEST Car Eyelashes in the World

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How to attach the tape to the eyelashes quickly & easily Click here to watch the video

                      Car Eyelashes - The Movie                                                 How to fit the lashes to a Peugeot 206                  

            How to fit the car eyelashes to a BMW                                        Car eyelashes in Black, White, Pink and Gold

On this page we have uploaded several videos to show you how to attach the car eyelashes to any type of car. We think cars these days are all starting to look the same, almost machine like. So why not add some fun into your life and invest in

a set of Car Eyelashes for your car or truck…. Your car has a distinct personality and depending on the colour and style you can give it a complete change of look by adding a set of car lashes. Even if you are a hot blooded male, you can still have a set of Gold or Silver lashes on your ride. Why let all the girls have all the fun, the attention guys get from the female species is unbelievable and make a young guys car the ultimate pussy pulling machine. Just pull up outside any night club with car lashes on your car and you will have a swarm of girls around your ride like bees around a honey pot. Go on guys, give it a try and you will never be short of a girlfriend again. So let's assume you have a really cool automobile like a Black mercedes AMG, you will not believe how sexy the Ice white car eyelashes are on a black merc. We have some pictures on our facebook page for those of you that want to see loads of examples or you can even check out the Gallery page on this website for various cars and colours to help you decide what's best for your car.


With a new carlashes makeover you will have heads turning, people honking and children smiling in no time! Available in 5 colours of Black, White, Pink, Silver and Gold - these car eyelashes are the perfect way to give your pride and joy a subtle makeover without painting flowers down the side or giving it a pretty bow to wear.                               Available online from our shop - just click here. They’re designed to fit most headlights and attaching them to your car is very simple, all you do is open the bonnet and stick them on (they come with everything you need to fix them to your car). So add a bit of glamour and fun to everyday life and showcase your cars’ outer beauty with a pair of long luscious Eyelashes for your car

Why not make a video and upload it to You Tube or Facebook of the lashes on your car... What a great way to get attention andmake new friends. We have made several videos to show people how to attach the carlashes to various cars and we have also made some videos, showing all the different cars that customers have sent us showing the variaytion in colour and on what car. For example we have Mercedes with pink eyelashes, white carlashes, and yet the black eyelashes for cars are still the best and sexyist colour. Then we have a few oictures and video of a Discovery in Australia with black lashes. The metalic blue BMW with white car eyelashes is one of my favorites but when you see the silver carlashes on a dark coloured 7 series BMW you will die of envy.


When you make a video, you can add some upbeat music and have some fun by showing the car with eyelashes at various angles and most of all the reactions of the people as you drive by videoing peoples faces and shocked actions when they see you drive by with eyelashes on your car. Viedos are easy to make with any smartphone and when you get home you can just as easily upload your new car eyelashes video to you tube or facebook. Why not check out the you tube videos on car eyelashes now so you can see what other people are doing.


One video that comes to mind is of two guys in a car that saw another car go past with carlashes on... They were filming and chatting while this car with the lasheswent by then all of a sudden they were highly excited and started chasing the car to get a better look. This went on for several miles and in the end, they caught up with the car and were videoing the whole time. The girl driving the car just smiled and waved and the guys went wild...  So have fun when making your video and please email us the link when you upload it so we can link back to you and get you lots of you tube hits.

Who knows it could make you famous.